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Joel Richardson


Hannah Landry


Sarah Hoffman

1st Vice President

Armand McCoy

2nd Vice President

Michelle Boatman

Executive Secretary

Alison Abbott

Communications Director

Micah Moore

American Advertising Awards Chair (ADDYs)

Ashley Jezek

Communications Manager

Mark Hill

Email Marketing Chair

Lisa Brown

Membership Chair

Tanner Yeomans

Graphic Design Chair

Sean Rose

Legislative Affairs Chair

Harold Storey

Public Service Chair

Tessa Rylant

BBB Representative/Photography Chair

Ray Claxton

Education Chair

Bethany Scott

Okolades Chair

Randy Kemp

Past Presidents Appointee

Kelley Gann

AAF District 10 Representative

Anna Roberts

Ad2 Representative

Ariel Lamontagne

Social Media Chair


We’re an organization dedicated to serving our members. Our club operates through committees made up of dedicated volunteers. We encourage you to get involved. You can help the club by contributing your time to a committee — along with your peers. By serving on committees, you’ll get to see things from a different perspective and maximize your networking potential. Contact us below for more information about our committees or to let us know if you’re ready to volunteer.


Our mission is to protect, promote, and preserve the well being of advertising in Oklahoma. We are the unifying voice of advertising in our state. Our membership encourages professional development, networking opportunities, a forum for idea exchange, and the recognition of excellence.

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