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AES Sponsor Details

Call the Tenth District at 1-800-808-4473 and an AES membership application will be faxed to your attention. Or, simply mail a check to:

Tenth District, AAF
c/o AES Membership
P.O. Box 7408
Odessa, Texas 79760

Please include the name of the Tenth District Ad Club/Federation you would like to get “credit” for your AES donation. Each club/federation within the Tenth District receives points toward the District’s Club of the Year program for their participation in AES.

Visit District 10 AES Website


What is AES, and who can be a sponsor?

Anyone who believes in the profession of advertising and wants to be a part of the Tenth District’s ongoing advertising education program to improve the image of advertising and to insure its continued growth and progress.

Why should you be an Advertising Education Sponsor?

The AAF, the Tenth District, and the local ad clubs form the only advertising organization representing all segments of our industry: advertisers, agencies, media and suppliers. Dues from local clubs are not sufficient to support the vital role the District must take in providing leadership and continuity for its educational programs.

What have you joined by joining AES?

You’ve joined the strongest and most active advertising education program in the nation. You’ll be a vital part of the sponsorship of the National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC) held each year by the American Advertising Federation.

Who participates in the NSAC?

University students from Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas participate in the Tenth District competition during the District Convention each spring. The competition is open to all qualified schools in the District. Your contribution helps underwrite expenses for the student teams who must compete at the District level before advancing to the National Student Advertising Competition. Tenth District teams have won more national titles than any other District.

What else does AES Support?

To encourage study in the field of advertising, three $1,000 scholarships are awarded to three students attending college in the Tenth District. The Tenth District Education Committee reviews applications for academic achievement and need. Students from a number of our colleges and universities have received scholarships to continue studies in advertising at the undergraduate or graduate level since 1978.

What levels of AES Membership are available and how do you sign up for AES?

  • Bronze ($75 year)
  • Silver ($150 year)
  • Gold ($300 year)
  • Lifetime ($1,500)
  • Business Level ($2,500)