2018 Career Day will be held Thursday, November 8th. Activities include agency tours, provided lunch and an exclusive networking event.

Cost for students will be $10 to help cover parking and lunch. Reserve your spot now, as we will cap the day at 75 students.

Lunch Sponsor: RK One Productions



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Tips for a Successful Career Day

  • Lunch is being provided, but breakfast is not. Grab something to eat on your way in or get downtown early enough to get a bite at one of the many restaurants around us.

  • Drink caffeine! It’s a long day and even though we’re all interested in the topics, you’re still about to spend a half day of listening to people talk. Keep your energy up and your attention focused.

  • Dress smart and be comfortable! Don’t be overkill – jeans are fine – but look good. These are people you want to meet and know; they might give you your next internship or job. You’ll never walk more than three blocks, but you probably don’t want to do that in uncomfortable shoes. Dress smart, check the weather the night before and don’t get caught in the wind/rain/heat/cold.

  • Bring something to take notes with: a tablet, a notebook, and pen; something you can use to jot down tips, notes, questions or contact information.

  • If you have business cards or a resume, feel free to bring them and help make a lasting impression on the people you meet. Free tip, though: Agency representatives probably won’t keep a stack of 50 resumes on their desks and reach out to all of you to offer you an interview. You’re meeting a handful of new people: it’s your job to collect contact information and follow up with the people you want to get to know.

  • Ask questions! Ask about clients, culture, and processes; ask about internships and openings; ask about others’ experiences when they were just getting started and were in your shoes. Be curious!

  • Don’t just network with agencies, network with each other. You’ll have students from all over the state at this event, all of the similar ages and pursuing similar degrees. Build your network of peers too, not just agencies. Make friends.