The Oklahoma City Ad Club awards several members with special honors each year. Here is a list of our awards and past recipients.

Local Awards
(Given at the OKOLADES)

  • AAF’s Silver Medal Award
  • Ad Club Member of the Year Award
  • Lowe Runkle “Distinguished Service” Award
  • Advertising Person of the Year Award
  • Distinguished Woman in Advertising Award
  • Ad2OKC YAPY Award

District 10 Awards

  • Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame

National Awards


AAF's Silver Medal Award

2018 Winner

David DeLana - Heritage Integrated

Silver Medal Award Criteria

A panel of judges from our local club selects silver Medal recipients. They use the following criteria when making their selections:

  • Contribution to His/Her Company: 
The recipient must have achieved success in one of the following areas of work: advertising agency, advertiser, media, or advertising service
  • Creative Ability: 
The recipient must have shown a consistent, high degree of original thinking in their field.
  • Contributions to the General Advancement of Advertising: The recipient must have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.
  • Contributions to the Community: The recipient should be someone who has been active in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to human or social welfare.

Silver Medal Award Winners

2017 Tim Berney and Steve Sturges
2016 Walt Disney
2015 Barney Semtner
2014 Sammy Moon
2013 David Thompson
2012 Wes Milbourn
2011 Randy Kemp
2010 Jim and Vonda Rice
2009 Helen Reinheimer
2008 Marsha Ramee
2007 Steve Garman
2006 Roy Kelsey
2005 Galen Nichols
2004 John Ferguson
2003 Jeanette Elliot
2002 Angus McQueen
2001 Roy Page
2000 Jeanette Gamba
1999 Bob Hammack
1998 Art Atchison*
1997 Gene Cheatham*
1996 Jane Hardin
1995 Don Webb
1994 Dow Dozier
1993 Ray Scales*
1992 Pattie Meis
1991 Larry Smith
1990 Ralph Tyler
1989 Bob Stacy*
1988 Jeanie Ruedy
1987 Pendleton Woods
1986 Dr. Hall Duncan
1985 Ben Blackstock
1984 Bill Richardson
1983 Warren “Doc” Jordan*
1982 Oscar Heuser*
1981 Ray Ackerman
1980 Lee Allan Smith
1979 Sid Musser*
1978 Norman D. Bagwell
1974 W.P. Bill Atkinson*
1973 Roy Evans*
1972 Mathew Bonebrake*
1971 Vernon Beals*
1970 Ed A. McCarthy
1969 Warren A. Humphrey
1968 E.K. Gaylord*
1967 Clyde Kemery*
1966 Paul Hoheisel*
1965 Lowe Runkle

Ad Club Member of the Year

2018 Winner

Kristin McNeese - McNeese Stills + Motion

Ad Club Member of the Year Award Criteria

Coming Soon!

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Member of the Year Award Winners

2017 Kelley Gann
2016 Greta Anglin
2015 Mark Hill
2014 Walt Disney
2013 Monica Helms
2012 Brian Winkeler
2011 Kim Lowe
2010 Melissa Richey
2009 Cameron Dawson
2008 David Salyer
2007 Susan Vermillion
2006 Natalie Geis/Ty Smith
2005 Kim and Jamie Lowe
2004 Kristin McNeese
2003 Susan Harkness
2002 Brian Wall
2001 Tom Searls
2000 Randy Kemp
1999 Kelly Adams
1998 Jeanie Rudy
1997 Marsha Ramee
1996 Lisa Moore
1995 Bill Allen
1994 Roy Kelsey
1993 Kathy Keffer-Sharpe
1992 Rae Lynn Oliver
1991 Meegan McMillen
1990 Skip McKinstry
1989 Ralph Robinson
1988 Rose O’Riordan/Galen Nichols
1987 Don Webb
1986 Don Webb
1985 Gary Crawford
1984 Jeanie Ruedy
1983 Beth Alspaugh
1982 Jeanie Ruedy

Lowe Runkle Distinguished Service Award

2017 Winner

Staplegun, Catholic Charities Donor Video

Lowe Runkle Distinguished Service Award

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Lowe Runkle Distinguished Service Award Winners

2016 VI Marketing & Branding, Shape Your Future Campaign
2015 Staplegun, Allied Arts 2016 Campaign
2014 Saxum, YMCA “Domestic Abuse” Campaign
2013 The Dream Team, 2012 ADDY’s
2012 Staplegun for Oklahoma Education Association for “Stand Up For Public Education”
2011 VI Marketing and Branding, Tobacco Stops with Me Campaign
2010 Jordan Associates, Central Oklahoma Humane Society, “Adopt”
2009 Saxum Public Relations, Burbridge Foundation “Crystal Darkness Program”
2008 Oklahoma Broadcasters Association Public Service Campaign
2007 Tucker McHugh and Greg Slavonic for the USS Oklahoma Memorial at Pearl Harbor
2006 Lowe Runkle, Oklahoma Blood Institute “Whose Life Can You Save Today?”
2005 KFOR and KTOK, Salvation Army “Warmth for Winter”
2004 United Way “This is Real Life”
2003 JordanAssociates,OklahomaDHS,“ChildAbuse&NeglectPrevention”Campaign
2002 New West Group, Oklahoma City Beautiful, “Squeal On A Pig” Campaign
2001 The Robinson Group, Oklahoma City Police Department “Life or Meth” Campaign
2000 Smith&Associates,“PrayAnytime”Campaign
1999 Donrey Outdoor, “Youth Cornerstone’s Character First” Public Service Campaign
1998 Smicklas Chevrolet “Friends For Life” Campaign
1997 City Rescue Mission/Verizon Evers, Awareness Campaign
1995 Harold’s, Oklahoma City Beautiful, Lake Hefner Streak
1994 Oklahoma City Zoo, The Great EscApe
1993 Oklahoma City Arts Council, Festival of the Arts
1992 Oklahoma Department of Health, “Due by Two” Immunization Project
1991 Oak Tree Communications, Campaign for OKC Beautiful
1990 Ed Birchall, HO HO the Clown
1989 Department of Transportation, Adopt A Highway Program
1988 Larry Smith, Lookin’ Good OKC Program
1987 Oklahoma City Zoo/Lee Allan Smith, Aquaticus Project
1986 PepsiCola/JimWilliston,ChildI.D.Program
1985 Linda Moore, Statue of Liberty “Miss Liberty” Campaign
1984 Ed Sossen, Genesis House
1983 Oklahoma Educational TV Authority, Reach Out Drug Abuse Program
1982 Ben West, RotArt Etc. II Charity Auction, Chairman
1981 C.H. Dunn, Contributions to The Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America
1980 KOFM Radio, Sponsorship of “Angel Dust”
1976 Dean McGee, Downtown Beautification Project, Kerr Park
1974 Liberty National Bank and Trust Company, Let’s Talk Business Campaign
1970 Oklahoma City Association of Broadcasters, July 4, 1969, Stars & Stripes Show
1967 Ken Kay, Leadership in Advertising on the District Level
1966 Harold Deadman, Preparation of the Booklet “Basic Advertising Standards,
Principles of Advertising” for Better Business Bureau
1965 Bill Baker, High School Dropout Campaign of the Public Service Committee
1964 RayAckerman,UnitedAppealCampaign
1963 Al Fiegel, Advertising Week Program
1961 Lee Allan Smith, “Fly The Flag Week” Promotion
1960 Lynn Martin, Promoting Advertising Educationally to over 40 Universities & Schools
1959 Oklahoma Press Association, Promoting Advertising on the Legislative Level
1958 Oklahoma Today Magazine, Promotion of the State of Oklahoma
1957 Paul Hoheisel, Contribution of Advertising and Civic Leadership
1956 Norman Hall, “600,000 in 60” Oklahoma City Population Promotional Campaign
1955 Howard Neuman, “That More May Live Longer” Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Program
1954 Oklahoma City Downtown Association, Downtown Oklahoma City Promotion
1952 Lowe Runkle, Organizing the Public Relations of the United Appeal campaign
1951 Jim Willis, AFA “The Magic Key” Advertising Film had over 200 Showings Statewide
1950 Norman Hall, Oklahoma Safety Council’s Safety

Advertising Person of the Year Award

2017 Winner

Brian Byrnes - Oklahoma City Thunder

Advertising Person of the Year Award Criteria

Coming Soon!

  • Coming Soon!

Advertising Person of the Year Award Winners

2016 Tony Tyler
2015 Amy Johnson & Sandy Martin
2014 Jonathon Fowler
2011 Brian Winkeler
2010 Mayor Mick Cornett
2009 Tara Street
2006 Chad Stalcup
2005 Jeffri-Lynn Dyer
2004 Wes Milburn
2002 Ralph Salierno
2001 John Santore
2000 Robbie Robertson
1999 Steve Garman
1998 Roy Kelsey
1997 Steve Sturges
1994 Skip McKinstry
1993 Angus McQueen
1990 Ted D’Andriole
1989 Steve Haneborg
1987 Jeanette Gamba
1986 Lee Allan Smith
1984 Bob Stacy*
1983 Ken Arbuckle
1982 Laura Snyder
1981 Patricia Cox Hampton
1980 Dr. Hall Duncan
1976 Nora Owens
1973 Mamie Lewis
1972 Pattie Meis
1971 Jeanie Ruedy

Distinguished Woman in Advertising

2018 Winner

Jeanie Ruedy

Created in Honor of Jeanie Ruedy

Jeanie Ruedy was a true pioneer. She joined the Oklahoma City Advertising Club in 1963 — where she served 18 years on the Board of Directors. She created and personally funded the Jeanie Ruedy Commercial Art/Graphic Design Scholarship. Served as a strong leader as Governor of the Tenth District of the American Advertising Federation.

Jeanie was a trailblazer for women in our industry and an inspiration to us in AAF Oklahoma City Ad Club. She was the first female president of our club and first female “Advertising Person of the Year.” We will miss her devotion to the American Advertising Federation and will always remember her.

Distinguished Woman in Advertising Award Winners

2018 Jeanie Ruedy

Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame Award

The Southwest Advertising Hall of Fame is an elite group of individuals who have made tremendous contributions to advertising. These individuals have distinguished themselves among their peers in their careers, their contributions to advertising, and in their volunteerism.

The long-standing reputations of people like these are something we should all strive to achieve. The talent and dedication demonstrated by these people leaves no doubt as to the reasons they deserve this unique recognition. Their names are known by those throughout the Tenth District (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas). They have spent a lifetime earning respect and recognition, and it’s a privilege to honor them.


Click Here for Nomination Guidelines and Nominee Form

To view the Southwest Hall of Fame Main Website, click here.

Nominations Deadline

How to Submit Nominees
Nominations can be mailed to:

AAF Tenth District, Attn: Kevin Dobbs, 16080 Gardendale Rd., Gardendale, TX 79758.

Or by email to:
halloffame@aaf10.org or to dobbsprt@nts-online.net.

YAPY Award

2018 Winner

Kelley Gann - Freestyle Creative

YAPY Award Criteria

The Young Advertising Professional of the Year award (YAPY) recognizes the young men and women who make extraordinary contributions to the central Oklahoma advertising and communications industry. This award is given at the annual OKC ADDY Awards in February as a way to recognize this individual’s hard work over the past year and their potential to make future contributions in his or her career. To be nominated for this award, nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Be between 21-35 years of age
  • Living and working in central Oklahoma
  • Employed in an advertising, marketing, or communications-related field
  • Contributed to the advancement of the advertising industry in Oklahoma City

Extra consideration is also given to nominees involved in an industry-related organization.

YAPY Award Winners

2017     Bobbie Earles
2016     Erick Worrell
2015     Justin Claborn
2014     Armand McCoy
2013     Monica Helms Young
2012     Greta Puckett Anglin
2011     Jill Brown Delozier
2010    James Harber


Our mission is to protect, promote, and preserve the well being of advertising in Oklahoma. We are the unifying voice of advertising in our state. Our membership encourages professional development, networking opportunities, a forum for idea exchange, and the recognition of excellence.


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