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Graphic Designer
Category: Graphic Design
Type: Full-Time
Salary Range: $ -
Zip Code: Stillwater
Posted: 08/26/2022
Highest Education: Minimum Education
Degree title:
Experience: Minimum Experience
Career Level:
Job Status
Start Publishing: 08/26/2022
Stop Publishing: 11/26/2022
Meridian Technology Center
The Graphic Designer position requires a unique blend of strategic thinking, creativity and technical proficiency to create materials that support Meridian’s communication and marketing efforts. 1. Use your creativity. Develop creative solutions and strategies to solve a range of clients’ needs and find an appropriate compromise when necessary. Maintain Meridian’s brand, image and reputation while creating designs for a wide variety of materials including invitations, brochures, booklets, ads, e-communications, presentations, and Web and social graphics. Integrate designs across mediums. Take professional quality photos and videos for promotion and publication. This aligns with Meridian’s value of Impact.   2. Meet deadlines and details. The Communications and Marketing Department produces content that represents the organization. With that in mind, accuracy and attention to detail are of the highest importance. Ensure timely follow-through on projects to meet deadlines. Coordinate a variety of incoming project requests while being flexible. Take projects from concept to completion independently. This aligns with Meridian’s value of Excellence.   3. Be curious/Learn new technology. Have a passion for learning new technology, whether learning to edit video, finding the newest plugin for our website or seeking ways to make our email marketing stronger in order to advance our efforts. Cross-train on other job functions within the marketing department with a passion for challenging yourself. Seek out information as necessary to enhance knowledge that might be lacking. This aligns with Meridian’s value of Innovation.   4. Provide great customer service. Coordinate with campus departments to identify graphic design needs, audiences, and objectives and recommend solutions. Provide excellent customer service to maintain positive relationships. Facilitate information to ensure projects deliver on time. This aligns with Meridian’s value of Relationships.   5. Show initiative. Be a self-motivated strategic thinker with an ability to work collaboratively in a fast-paced team environment. Research, notice and initiate emerging marketing practices and drive Meridian in these areas to reach our target audiences.   6. Grow professionally. Exhibit a willingness and commitment to learn. Stay at the forefront of the communications and marketing field by seeking personal growth and development through trainings, workshops, networking and reading to identify successful approaches in communicating with Meridian’s target audiences. This aligns with Meridian’s value of Empowerment.   7. Use your skills to work with our vendors. Possess a knowledge of commercial printing standards and practices including knowledge of paper, ink and printing. Work with outside providers (printers, sign makers, advertisers/publications) regarding technical specifications, requirements and file transfer options. Provide detailed printing and mailing specs to vendors to secure estimates and fulfillment. Prepare final pieces including printing and trimming pieces on our in-house machine.   8. Be professional. Exhibit a professional appearance and attitude at all times. Abide by all policies and procedures adopted by the Meridian Technology Center Board of Education. This position requires a high level of confidentiality. This aligns with Meridian’s value of Integrity.   9. Live out our values. Uphold Meridian Technology Center’s Mission, Vision and Values. Support the culture by living out our values of:
  • Relationships – Act in the best interest of others
  • Excellence – Deliver superior services
  • Innovation – Integrate new ideas with courage
  • Integrity – Model honesty and trust in all we do
  • Empowerment – Provide the framework and resources to succeed
  • Impact – Commit to enrich each life we touch
  10. Be driven. Perform other duties and assume responsibilities as may be required to accomplish the essential job functions as assigned by the Executive Director of Communications and Marketing.   Work Hours: Utilize work time efficiently between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and report any exceptions to the Executive Director. Assist with occasional after-hours events as needed.   Physical Demands: This is largely a sedentary role; however, some prolonged standing is required. This would require the ability to lift files, open filing cabinets and bend or stand as necessary. Must be able to lift and/or push items occasionally on a dolly or cart weighing as much as 30 pounds.   Physical Location: Main Campus, Stillwater, OK
  • Bachelor’s degree in graphic design, marketing, advertising or related field; or associate degree combined with applicable work experience.
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe CC including InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator to create concepts and designs for publications, both print and electronic, with high attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite including Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint.
Demonstrated ability to:
  • Develop high quality graphic design projects that include print and digital work.
  • Work with a variety of marketing platforms and learn new technology as needed.
  • Successfully take multiple projects from concept to completion while meeting deadlines and details. Strong communication, project coordination and scheduling skills.
  Applicants should submit a résumé and portfolio with their application and may be required to demonstrate their skills by completing a piece using InDesign with guidelines provided. Email them to Full description and apply: