Ready to strengthen your business in the new year? Keep reading for info about our upcoming partnered social media workshop.

About this Event

Are you ready to spice up your social media presence before the new year? If you are looking for a one-on-one, individualized planning approach to help your business strengthen your social media strategy, reserve your ticket for this social media workshop.

BBB® and OKC Ad Club are providing this workshop to help local business owners, managers and marketers connect with experienced social media practitioners who can provide tips and advice for your unique and varying questions surrounding your social media strategy, best practices and more!

Choose either a 45 or 90-minute session and BBB® will then match your business with an experienced social media marketer.

Below are the curriculum choices:

Creating Facebook ads

Want to learn how to create and manage social media ads, on your own, that attract and drive leads to your organization? Have your Facebook login and a company credit card ready, to set up and start running ads this week!

Set up a new account

Been thinking about creating a Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account to add to your digital repertoire? Open an account and learn how to navigate the platform, how to add or remove account users and best practices/help with initial posts.

Learn how to preplan and create written content

Do you find yourself sitting down to post on social media and don’t know what to say? This session is designed to teach you how to pre-plan and write your content using a content calendar and a content document. These tools will remove the guesswork and create ease in coming up with content.

Learn how to create visual content (graphics)

Not a graphic designer and don’t have one on staff? We get it! In this session you will learn how to easily create graphics for your social media platforms after you set up your free account.

Best practices for scheduling

Having trouble figuring out when to post and on what platforms? In this session you will learn about establishing a cadence (days of the week and time of day) for your business and brand. Additionally, you will learn how to post your content natively to the platform(s) and/or how to preschedule them in tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, etc.

How it works

Once you reserve your spot, a BBB team member will reach out to you directly to evaluate what your needs are to best match you with a social media marketer. In-person and virtual meetings available.

Not available on November 19?

If you prefer setting another date and time with a practitioner, let us know and we’ll connect you! Choose ticket option “special appointment” and the BBB team will reach out to you directly.

BBB will donate half of the proceeds to the OKC Ad Club.