September Meeting: Networking Best Practices

By September 5, 2019 Uncategorized


If you’ve ever felt like the wallflower in a room full of name tags, this is the event for your inner introvert to finally blossom! If you’re the social butterfly among a jam-packed happy hour, you’ll learn how to walk in with a goal, and walk out with results.

This is an interactive experience to help marketing managers and advertising executives learn how to walk into any networking event with purpose, and leave with a plan of action. A key takeaway includes how to better read body language in order to work the room effectively. Plus the definitive answer on the Quality vs Quantity debate! Let’s learn together how to Stand Out… for all the right reasons.


Our guest speaker, Stacy Eads is one of Oklahoma’s 50 Women Making a Difference. As a Most Admired CEO in her home state of Oklahoma, she is now empowering other CEOs nationwide to embrace their leadership potential. As an impactful business coach, Mrs. Eads actively facilitates annual planning retreats to propel $1 million – $100 million dollar companies toward rapidly scalable growth.

  • Members must RSVP in advance to reserve their free meal.
  • All walk-ins and guests are $35.
  • RSVP no-shows will be sent $35 invoice to cover reserved luncheon.
  • If you need to change RSVP, email: info@okcadclub.com two days before.
Wednesday, September 11
11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
CHK|Central Boathouse
732 Riversport Dr.
Oklahoma City, OK 73129
Follow the signs for free parking